Why SEO migration tool?

At Stijlbreuk, we focus on designing and developing custom high-quality websites and web applications.

With every new website we launch, a good SEO migration is necessary. Most of the time we work together with marketing agencies to take care of SEO. However, in some cases the client doesn’t have a marketing agency. As a service, we provide the necessary SEO migration and redirects which is always a cumbersome job.


At the end of last year, we had a couple of websites going live and we had to do the SEO migration. With our expertise in applications we wanted to make that process faster to make our own life easier.
After several talks with other SEO experts we learned that everyone struggles with these big migrations, so we decided to share our tool and keep developing it.


What about Semrush etc.?

Semrush and other all-in-one SEO software contain a lot of functionality for ongoing day-to-day Search Engine Optimisation, but lack good workflows for the manual labor of a complete site migration.


Even though a migration might happen once in 5 years for a website.. a bad migration can diminish all the hard work you’ve been doing the last 5 years.


That’s where SEO migration tool comes in.


Stijlbreuk is a digital agency from Tilburg, the Netherland.

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